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The European Electronic Toll Service (EETS) will simplify the settlement of toll fees within the EU in the future.

Driving through Europe without borders with just one On-Board Unit (OBU) this is what EETS, the European Electronic Toll Service, aims for. UTA has been at the forefront of cross-national, so-called interoperable, toll solutions for years. With UTA One® you now benefit from what is currently the most comprehensive EETS service on the market. And the smart thing is: New toll environments can be flexibly activated over-the-air. This is therefore the last time you need to replace your box

UTA, as a service provider, provides a single On Board-Unit (OBU) for the whole of Europe - UTA One®.


UTA One® redefines mobility in Europe covering 9 toll contexts in 8 countries:


• Belgium (Via Pass and Liefkenshoektunnel)

• France (TIS-PL)

• Italy (Telepass)

• Austria (GO-System)

• Poland (A4, route between Krakow and Katowice)

• Portugal (Via-Verde)

• Spain (Via-T)


Further, the system will be available for other European countries (Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Norway, Poland and the bridge between Denmark and Sweden (Øresund/Storebælt).


With UTA One® Europe-wide mobility is easy:

• One device, one invoice, easy management and the latest technology;

• Transit across Europe without any barrier by automatically charging road taxes;

• New toll contexts will be flexily activated „Over-the-Air”;

• Easy installation of the device, with no aditional costs;

• Detailed transit reports for each sector of the road and costs of each operator;

• Individual activation and deactivation of toll contexts;

• Individual registration number and vehicle data;

• Savings with toll charger discounts


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Benefit from UTA One® - the smartest toll solution in Europe. Save costs and reduce your administrative burden.


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