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Drive Relaxed with your UTA Card

UTA Full Service card users have at their disposal one of the largest network of service stations in Europe, where they can make cashless transactions.

Using UTA fuel cards, you can count on our services on all routes in Europe: from vehicle fuel supply, to settlement of tolls or VAT recovery.


How does it work?


What services do we offer you?

Diesel Service

Refuel your vehicles in over 39,000 multi-brand stations in 38 European countries. The card can be used at 54,000 acceptance points. You benefit from attractive fuel prices, depending on volume. read more >

Toll Service

Benefit from cashless toll settlement in Europe! Save time and money with UTA. read more >

VAT and Excise Reimbursement

We help you recover your money through our partner, Nikosax – UTA subsidiary specialized in tax recovery. read more >

Additional Services

UTA card users benefit from additional services throughout the journey: non-stop breakdown assistance, recovery and towing service, customs clearance service, ferry service, combined traffice service and many more. read more >

Notes on safety for using UTA cards

UTA Full Service Card holders are certainly on the safe side – namely with regard to UTA’s Europe-wide network of points of acceptance, to cashless settlement of all vehicle-related supplies and services, and to card security by means of the PIN code requirement and transaction control to prevent from fraudulent card use.

However, it is also the card holder’s responsibility to handle the UTA Service Card in a responsible manner. Thus, the following guidelines must be adhered to.

UTA's recommendations for card security

  • Never leave your UTA Service Card unattended in your vehicle or somewhere in your company building.
  • Always treat your service card as if it was cash and always carry your service card along with you.
  • Always memorise your PIN code and never keep it together with your service card.
  • Always ask the service station personnel to use the card within eyeshot.
  • Always make sure that the PIN code is not observable by others when entering it.
  • Check your invoices for correctness (dates and fuel consumptions) at regular intervals.
  • Always report any loss or theft of a service card immediately.

In case you are using a company-related PIN code for your service cards, we recommend you to switch to the so-called “system PIN code”, which is a random PIN code generated for each service card individually.

Important! In case you don’t know where you left your card or it has been stolen, it is essential to immediately block it. In case of loss or theft of a service card, time is important, in order to avoid fraudulent transactions.

How do you block an UTA card?

To block a card, please call us at +40 213 065 955 or send an email at


Frequent Questions

  • Can I pay the invoice in Lei?

    Yes, UTA invoices may be paid in Lei or Euro.

  • How do I monitor the fuel consumption for my fleet of vehicles?

    Download the UTA Drive Save® software on your computer and access reports about vehicle costs, manage the tolls and vignettes, CO2 calculation and other useful information.


UTA Call-Center

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Card Blocking

You lost your card? Contact the Card Blocking Service, available 24/7.

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Breakdown or emergency situations?

We help you 24/7.

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Mercedes-Benz 24h Service

Call us in case of emergency or breakdown of your Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

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