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Do you own a transportation company with fleets with vehicles weighing less than 3.5 tons?

We know that groupage transportation with daily departures and reduced transit time can be quite stressful for you. Our affiliated stations are placed on all your routes, whatever road you may choose. With UTA, you drive relaxed in Europe!

The advantages of our solutions

  • You benefit from the discount on fuel price, depending on volume
  • You have access to an extensive network of over 51,000 acceptance points in Europe
  • You have flexible payment terms
  • You recover your taxes and VAT easily, without bureaucracy
  • You receive a single invoice, payable in Lei or Eur
  • You have non-stop assistance and support for emergencies and card blocking

Forget about cash, opt for UTA card!

If you are used to paying with cash for vehicle repairs or if your drivers pay the fuel and road taxes with cash, then it is time to opt for a solution that streamlines the total costs related to transportation and provides greater control over the drivers’ transactions.

Our services

  • Fuel Service

    Using UTA card, you can refuel and use services in the extensive network of 51,000 acceptance points in Europe. Discounts may be applied to the price of diesel, depending on the volume supplied.

  • Toll Service

    We give you precise information about the tolls in each country and help you register and settle road, bridge, tunnel or ferry tolls.

  • Refund of fuel tax and VAT

    We reimburse the VAT and fuel tax for the goods and services purchased in EU countries and Norway. Simple and fast!

  • Additional services: road services and online applications

    In case of emergency or breakdown, we offer support 24/24. You can also opt for intermodal transport or services for crossing the border, tunnels or bridges. By using our online services, you have access to your client account, Drive & Save fleet management platform and UTA Station Finder.

What are the steps to become a client?

Drop us an email at or dial the number +40213065900 to determine how many UTA cards you need and what services are useful for your fleets of vehicles. Afterwards, we'll send you an order form that you fill with your vehicle details and company data, billing preferences and our terms of service.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you issue the invoice in Lei?

    Yes, UTA invoice can be issued in Lei or Euro.

  • How do I monitor the fuel consumption for my fleet of vehicles?

    UTA customers using UTA Drive & Save® dispose of a comprehensive software for their vehicle fleet management, with a detailed overview of their vehicle costs at any time. Thus, they can identify possible savings and take the necessary measures to sustainably reduce fleet costs.

UTA Call-Center

You can contact us daily, Monday to Friday, between 9 a.m and 6 p.m.

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Card Blocking

You lost your card? Contact the Card Blocking Service, available 24/7.

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Breakdown or emergency situations?

We help you 24/7.

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Mercedes-Benz 24h Service

Call us in case of emergency or breakdown of your Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

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