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UTA One®, the first device for Pan-European offset of road taxes (EETS) for transporters

Added on : 04.05.2018

UTA One®, the first device for Pan-European offset of road taxes (EETS) for transporters


UTA, one of the largest European suppliers for fuel cards and services for transporters and motor vehicle fleets, has launched UTA One, the first interoperable solution that integrates the different road tax payment systems in Europe.

UTA One® is a first in its field in Europe: this new solution has, at the moment, the largest coverage in Europe, and road taxes can be globally offset in all participating EU states.


UTA One® is an on board device (OBU) for the Electronic European Road Tax Service (EETS), a new European standard all member states fall into line with.

To begin with, UTA One covers eight road tax systems: Austria, Belgium, including the Liefkenshoek tunnel, France, Italy, Poland (A4), Portugal and Spain.

In the next stage, in the second half of the year 2018, Germany, and subsequently other European countries (Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Norway, Poland and the bridge between Denmark and Sweden (Øresund/Storebælt) shall be flexibly connected, automatically, through over-the-air update.


The number of connected countries shall increase as new road tax system shall fall into line with the EETS standards. The new automatic update option, together with the integration all types of existing technologies in the European road tax systems (GNSS and DSRC) turn UTA One into a very adaptable solution in the future.

Furthermore, the UTA One device offers the possibility to individually activate and deactivate contexts regarding road tax, as well as discounts directly with the road tax operators.

« In order to be able to offer our clients an optimal solution for interoperable road tax electronic services (EETS), we have tested in detail the new UTA One® before releasing it on the market“, explained Volker Huber, the UTA CEO. "During real circulation to Strasbourg, Calais, Bruxelles, Aachen, Bozen, Innsbruck and Salzburg, the solution proved itself to be reliable along thousands of kilometers»

UTA One thus brings a major simplification in the operations of European transporters, which so far needed a few different types of devices on board in order to deal with a few dozen road tax payment systems existing in Europe.

With UTA One, transporters shall be able to circulate freely all over Europe, having ensured the automatic offset of road taxes and the issuance of only one UTA invoice.

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