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Belgium will introduce a new electronic toll system in 2016

Added on : 05.10.2015

Belgium will introduce a new electronic toll system in 2016

The currently valid electronic time-related Eurovignette will be replaced by a route-related toll system via On Board Unit. Thus, tolls will not only have to be paid for HGVs with an admissible total weight of 12 tons and above, but also for vehicles over 3.5 tons – like the Eurovignette – on the entire Belgian motorway network.

According to current information, the three Belgian areas Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels have published the toll rates scheduled for the new HGV toll system, which is based on the number of kilometres travelled:

Toll rates for Flanders and Wallonia Toll rates for all other roads subject to toll

Higher rates (than in the rest of Belgium) are to be expected in Brussels. Supposedly, only the rates for motorways in Brussels should correspond to those in Flanders and Wallonia. As a matter or principle, the Belgian government is free to determine which roads should become subject to tolls. Which means, that, in addition to those motorways and main roads which are already subject to vignettes, in the future additional roads might also become subject to tolls. The final details about the toll road network have not yet been published.

Each vehicle which is subject to tolls must be registered, and a deposit for the corresponding on-board unit (OBU) must be made to the toll company. The user can easily install the toll device.

As of now it is possible to pre-register!

Benefit from the possibility to pre-register via UTA - for convenient settlement of tolls in Belgium! We will contact you in good time before the introduction of the new toll system in Belgium and provide you with details about the final registration procedure, to enable you to settle tolls conveniently via UTA.

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