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Are you a driver at a transport company?

By using the UTA card, you can drive relaxed anywhere in Europe! UTA fuel card is accepted in 54,000 stations in Europe, on the most transited routes for heavy trucks and coaches. Benefit from quick settlement of road, bridge or tunnel tolls and receive nonstop assistance in case of emergency or breakdown.

What are the UTA partner stations on my route?

You can consult the Station Finder on the computer and your mobile phone (Android or iPhone).

Search for car service stations and by application Station Finder

UTA mobile app


What to do in case of malfunction or failure?

If the truck has a fault, we offer technical support 24 / 24. Call +4 0264 20 79 23 and a specialized team will travel to give you the towing or repair services.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the UTA card?

    We offer you a post-paid solution for all the expenses incurred during transport of goods and passengers in Europe. UTA card is issued by the German company UNION TANK Eckstein GmbH & Co. KG per each vehicle and works similar to a credit card, but without charging bank fees. The transactions are confirmed by entering the PIN code into the POS at the affiliated stations.

  • Who can use the UTA card?

    UTA Card is issued for each vehicle from your fleet and can be used as means of payment by drivers or fleet managers.

  • How do I find the UTA partner stations on my route?

    Use the UTA Station Finder or download the UTA mobile app, which offer the possibility of easy and fast access to information about all UTA affiliated petrol and service stations located throughout Europe.

  • What if I already have a UTA card, but I cannot find it anymore or it was stolen?

    It is essential to immediately block the relevant service card. In case of loss or theft of a service card the time factor is very important, and a loss of time may, in deed, cost quite some money. Please call +4 021 306 59 55 in order to block your card.

  • Can I find out which is the fuel price at the affiliated station on my route?

    You can find the price of diesel at UTA partner stations via UTA mobile app and by accessing UTA Station Finder.

UTA Call-Center

You can contact us daily, Monday to Friday, between 9 a.m and 6 p.m.

+40 213 065 900

Card Blocking

You lost your card? Contact the Card Blocking Service, available 24/7.

+40 213 065 955

Breakdown or emergency situations?

We help you 24/7.

+40 264 207 923

Mercedes-Benz 24h Service

Call us in case of emergency or breakdown of your Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

+40 745 232 424