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Borderless travel across the Czech Republic with UTA

Please note: Due to the new toll system, a new on-board unit will be required as of 1 December. UTA will be happy to assist you in ordering the new toll device. Please find further information below.

In the Czech Republic, all motorways, dual carriageways and roads are of the ‘first category’ for motor vehicles with a total train weight of > 3.5 tonnes is subject to tolls.

The Czech toll is levied on the basis of the kilometres driven, the number of axles, tonnage and emission class. In the Czech Republic, there are numerous stations, so-called distribution points (often close to the border) as well as contact points where users of the electronic on-board unit ‘PREMID box’ can find a wide range of services.

For motor vehicles ≤ 3.5 t (except motorcycles and trikes), a vignette is compulsory for the entire motorway network. Toll-free sections can be found mainly around major cities and are often marked with corresponding pictograms.

In addition, the first kilometres of the D2, D5 and D8 motorways after crossing the border are also toll-free, giving drivers the opportunity to equip themselves at the nearest service area.

New satellite-based toll system to be launched on 1 December 2019

The CzechToll/SkyToll consortium will take over the operation of the Czech toll system on 1 December 2019. This requires freight forwarders and carriers to replace their current on-board unit (OBU) with a new one. As a result, the existing devices will no longer function as of December.

As your reliable mobility partner, UTA will support you in ordering the new OBU.

Save time with UTA!

  • Your advantages with UTA

    • UTA offers a complete all-round service from a single source and undertakes complete administration and dealing with the new toll operator.

    • No pre-registration required.

    • The new OBUs can be ordered from us as of Mid-September 2019.

UTA will register your vehicles free of charge until 30 November 2019

With the new UTA Toll CZ portal, you will benefit from easy and fast ordering of the new OBU and save valuable time.

Existing UTA Toll Czech Republic customers will receive access data for the new UTA Toll CZ portal. Data from existing registrations with UTA for the Czech Republic toll will be imported into the UTA Toll CZ portal and only need to be checked and, if necessary, changed by you. In addition, any necessary documents can be uploaded there.

As a new customer for the Czech Republic toll, you will receive your access data after you have returned the UTA Toll CZ registration form.

UTA Toll CZ Registration Form

Not a UTA customer yet? No problem, simply fill out our form and request a no-obligation offer.

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All you need to know

We have summarised the most important questions, data and facts for you in our FAQ.

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The toll will still be levied until 1 December 2019.

The toll fees are collected via an open system of toll portals and DSRC technology. An on-board unit is mandatory within the electronic toll system for vehicles of a total train weight > 3.5 t.

The vignette system applies to vehicles ≤ 3.5 t: By purchasing the vignette, the toll is paid in advance. The amount of the toll depends on the validity period.

UTA toll solutions for the Czech Republic

Select the right toll medium for your needs

motor vehicles with a GVWR (gross vehicle weight rating) of > 3.5 t PREMID box
motor vehicles with a GVWR of ≤ 3.5 t Vignette
UTA Card*

*Acceptance of UTA cards at selected distribution points! Please contact us for further information.

How do I get the PREMID box?

Prepay method:

You will receive your PREMID box directly at a PREMID point. Simply present your UTA card to purchase the toll medium and top up your card.

Postpay method:

Easy and convenient ordering and invoicing via UTA. This means that you do not have to spend any additional time or effort to reclaim any remaining credit. You have the option to either have the PREMID box sent directly to you or to pick it up personally at a PREMID point.

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How do I get the vignette?

Purchasing a vignette:

Many of our partner petrol stations also accept the UTA card for sales items such as the vignette.

Please contact us for further information.


UTA toll service in the Czech Republic

Our toll service makes your trips easier

With UTA as your competent partner, your trip to and through the Czech Republic will be an easy one! For users of an on-board unit, UTA offers both prepay and postpay as a payment method. Selecting the postpay method, you benefit from convenient, cashless payment of tolls via your UTA statement. Vignettes for vehicles of up to 3.5 t can also be purchased at many partner petrol stations!

This allows you to be always mobile and flexible!

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