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The UTA Station Finder App for Europe is an essential tool for professional drivers en route who are looking for a UTA affiliated service station. Choose a service station on the basis of the current diesel prices and the services offered, and get additional details about all service stations selected - either in the form of a list or a map.

Pay favourable prices and reach your destination in good time - refuel and save money with the UTA Station Finder App.

The UTA App offers many useful features:

  • All UTA affiliated service stations throughout Europe
  • Diesel prices (in Germany based on the prices published by the Markttransparenzstelle für Kraftstoffe (MTS-K))
  • Display of the closest service station offering the most favourable price (only in Germany).
  • Area search with individually defined radius
  • Route Planning
  • Search for service stations according to numbers
  • Individual search criteria
  • More additional information
  • UTA service telephone numbers with direct connection, in case of vehicle breakdown or if a card must be blocked.
  • UTA News

Get the free UTA Station Finder App now

Either by means of the links below or by scanning the QR codes with your smartphone for direct download.



Frequently asked questions

  • For which Operating Systems is the UTA App available?

    The UTA App is free for iOs and Android Smartphones.

  • In which languages is the UTA App available?

    The UTA App is available in German, English, French, Italiano, Spanish, Dutch, Hungary and Polnish. If you change the language of your Smartphone, the App will change the language automatically.

  • The UTA Stationfinder-App do not find some stations – why not?

    This can be effected by several reasons:

    • please check, if the location-service of you Smartphone is activated.
    • please check, if the UTA App is allowed to detect your position.
    • in buildings it is possible that the location-service does not work
    • please check the filter-settings. You can disable all filters at once, by clicking on “Adapt” in the settings and then on “Reset all setting”.
  • The UTA App does not show me all stations?

    Please check the settings, whether the radius is selected to small and by “Adapt”, if filters are activated. By clicking “Reset all settings” you can disable all filters.

  • Why it is not possible to search for Postcodes on Android-Smartphones?

    The search for postcodes is only possible for iOS-Smartphones. Please enter a name of town into the search field or show the result for your actually position on Android-Smartphones.

  • Why are there no diesel prices shown?

    If you open the App the first time the actual database download in background. In case of no reception this time this could be take longer as usual. For stations outside of Germany it could be possible that not all information are possible like accustomed from German stations.

  • Which fuel prices are displayed?

    At the moment there are only diesel prices displayed.

  • Why is the function „Best/Next“ only shown for stations in Germany?

    Only for stations in Germany there is an extensive and actual price-information because of the information of the German Market Transparency Unit for Fuels possible.

  • Is it possible to filter specially for High Performance Pumps?

    If you choose “Adapt” and “Services” you are able to select “High Performance Pumps” as filter. After this there will only shown stations that offer this service. Please don’t forget to reset all settings, if you want show other stations.

  • How do I identify Bestprice Optinet Stations?

    You identify the Bestprice Optinet Stations, the 1.000 cheapest UTA Stations in Germany, by the red fuel pump symbol with the percentage sign.

  • Why the App Store requires a method of payment?

    The UTA App is absolutely free. There are no cost for download or usage. If you have some questions about the App Store please contact the maintainer of the Store.

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