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UTA drive and save


UTA customers using UTA Drive & Save® dispose of a comprehensive software for their vehicle fleet management, with a detailed overview of their vehicle costs at any time. Thus, they can identify possible savings and take the necessary measures to sustainably reduce fleet costs.

UTA Drive & Save® offers:



„Third Party Formats”



This module offers comprehensive features and is the basis for two other modules.

If you use third party data, it is easily possible to import your data via an interface.

The data of your telematics systems can be transferred via an interface.

Suitable for

UTA customers using service cards.

UTA customers who also use service cards provided by other card issuers and/or with their own homebase.

UTA customers using telematics systems.

(Please have your access data to the UTA Exclusive Section ready to hand)

Free download

Order module

Order module

Analysis of refuelling habits


Administration of drivers, vehicles and locations


Administration of tolls and vignettes




Recommend service stations with favourable prices


Comprehensive cost control


Detailed reports and analyses


Graphs and statistics


Free support


Data import - digital tachograph


Data import - homebase


Data import - third party card transactions


Connection to telematics systems Fleetboard, TomTom and Spedion


Technical requirements:

  • Access to UTA Exclusive Section for Customers
  • Access data for FTP-Download
  • 2GB RAM
  • Windows 7 / Windows 8
  • Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5

Frequently asked questions:

  • Which system requirements must be met?

    2 GB RAM, Internet connection, Windows 7 / Windows 8, Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5

  • How can I install the software?

    The details necessary for installation are available in the UTA Exclusive Section for UTA customers at → „Drive & Save®“.

  • How much does UTA Drive & Save®cost?

    For UTA customers, the Basic Version is free of charge. The two additional modules „Telematics“ and „Third Party Formats“ are subject to costs. The monthly fees can simply be settled via your existing UTA account. Price details for both modules are available in the UTA Exclusive Section for UTA customers via Internet at → „UTA Drive & Save®“.

  • Which data can be displayed?

    In the Basic Version of UTA Drive & Save® all transactions effected by means of a UTA Service Card can be evaluated. All data are imported in a fast and simple way, and no manual efforts are necessary. By means of the module „Third Party Formats“ it is even possible to import and analyse data of other service providers (third parties) via an interface.

  • Is it only possible to display refuelling data?

    In addition to refuelling transaction details, all data referring to transactions settled by means of your UTA Service Card can be displayed, such as vehicle maintenance, vehicle repair, tolls, vignettes, vehicle breakdown services and vehicle accessories.

  • Which data relating to my vehicles can I administer?

    Comprehensive master data are available for vehicle administration purposes. In addition to standard data, such as vehicle registration number, internal description, location, country of vehicle registration, photo, technical details (e. g. manufacturer, type, output and number of axles) it is also possible to edit target consumptions, tank volumes, entry date and exit date, administration of scheduled dates for general inspections, emisson check etc., and different types of grouping of vehicles. Of course, you can assign your vehicles to specific driver files edited.

  • Which driver data can I administer?

    Comprehensive driver master data such as e. g. personnel number, address details, photo and data relating to driver‘s licence. You may administer different scheduled dates as well as assign drivers to the corresponding vehicles.

  • Can I determine my favourite service stations?

    It is possible to determine favourite service stations. The corresponding reports will show the fuel consumptions relating to favourite service stations, and to other service stations.

  • How can I get answers to my questions referring to UTA Drive & Save®?

    The software includes a comprehenive user manual. If the manual should not help to answer your questions – which is only rarely the case -, it is possible to contact UTA by telephone or by e-mail. We will answer your questions as soon as possible – if desired, via Remote Support by means of the Teamviewer.

  • Is it possible to connect my telematics system to UTA Drive & Save®?

    Via the module „Telematics“ it is possible to connect all important telematics systems with UTA Drive & Save® and to exchange data. A list of the currently supported telematics system is available at

  • Can I connect my digital tachograph to UTA Drive & Save®?

    By means of the module „Third Party Formats“ it is also possible to import and analyse data from your digital tachograph, via interfaces.

  • Which telematics systems does UTA Drive & Save® support?

    The currently valid list of telematics systems supported is available at

  • Can I also import data of other fuel card issuers?

    By means of the module „Third Party Formats“ it is even possible to import and analyse data of other service providers via an interface, as well as the data of your digital tachograph.

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