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UNION TANK Eckstein GmbH & Co. KG is amongst the leading issuers of fuel and service cards for commercial goods transport and transportation of passengers.

We offer a Europe-wide all-round and multi-brand supply system along with our cashless settlement system for goods and services required for en route provision, which are based on over 50 years of UTA expert knowledge and expertise.

Today, we dispose of over 54,000 points of acceptance in 40 European countries and several agencies abroad. UTA is amongst the leading service card companies in the market sector.

Our experience, professionalism and orientation towards the customers’ needs recommend us as a reliable partner and places us among the top suppliers of fuel cards.

In Romania, UTA has a dedicated team of professionals who understand Romanian cargo and passenger carriers needs, providing customized solutions:

  • UTA Full Service Card
  • Toll settlement in Europe
  • VAT and tax refunds
  • Additional services such as assistance in case of failure or breakdown, towing, parking, intermodal transport etc.

UTA Call-Center

You can contact us daily, Monday to Friday, between 9 a.m and 6 p.m.

+40 213 065 900

Card Blocking

You lost your card? Contact the Card Blocking Service, available 24/7.

+40 213 065 955

Breakdown or emergency situations?

We help you 24/7.

+40 264 207 923

Mercedes-Benz 24h Service

Call us in case of emergency or breakdown of your Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

+40 745 232 424